Career & Technical Education (CTE)

County Collaborative Charter School is proud to offer rigorous Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs that meet A-G college requirements and prepares students for both college and career.

Mission Statement:

To deliver world-class Career and Technical Education programs that promote the highest level of academic achievement, technical skill attainment, creativity, and personal growth that will inspire greatness in today’s students and tomorrow leaders.

Vision Statement:

To build and offer the most progressive and innovative career technical education programs that prepare students for college, career, and citizenship.

Did you know?

  • Students who are enrolled in CTE courses have better attendance, less behavioral problems, and higher graduation rates.
  • CTE offers rigorous, challenging courses that apply academic standards to real-world purpose.  As an example, Hospitality students would apply math statistics and problem solving for event planning.CTE students are more likely to enroll in post-secondary education.
  • CTE prepares students with the 4 “C’s” –  Critical Thinking, Communication, Creativity, Collaboration.  These four skills have been identified by employers as the top skills needed to succeed upon hire.
  • CTE programs are all aligned to high demand careers and all students can earn industry recognized certifications.  Students have the opportunity to job shadow and apply for internships with local businesses.  Our classrooms have quality instructors who previously worked in industry before becoming a teacher and all have state-of-the-art equipment that meets current industry standards.

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