A = ADVANCED PACE of student academic, athletic, and/or social skills

Students at County Collaborative Charter School have the opportunity to work towards their diploma at their own pace. We pride ourselves in allowing motivated students to complete courses on their own time. Our students are not limited on the number of credits they can take per semester, so a condensed high school graduation plan is in your hands, which allows you to work your courses into your own life.


Graduate from high school early

Many students have personal reasons for expediting high school graduation, such as your family is planning to move. It may make sense to consider early graduation rather than to have to pull up stakes and set them down in a new community and school for your last year. You may have a rocky home life that becomes truly intolerable and pushes you out of the high school door early.

Early graduation may be great for students who have outgrown their high school in more ways than one. It’s often for those who have already exhausted the high school curriculum and have few challenges available in a traditional setting. It can allow you to begin college or technical school sooner. 

Gives you the Flexibility to: 

Pursue your passion full time in athletics or arts

Take more classes

Strengthen college admissions portfolio with additional elective classes 

Increase employability by taking additional technical classes 

Become part of the full time workforce more quickly if you help support your family financially

Get started in a full-time career 

Start your own business more quickly

Particpate in community service

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