Our Vision

Our programs provide engaging and relevant state standards aligned curriculum. Student needs are identified through ongoing assessments to inform and guide appropriate and effective intervention strategies. We offer a comprehensive system of support to parents and students to ensure students are on track with grade level requirements and are college and career ready.

Our Educators believe that all students have the potential to meet or exceed academic standards. Parents, teachers, staff, and administrators work together as a professional learning community to evaluate instructional practices with focus on improving student performance.

Our Students are creative and complex thinkers, effective communicators, community/global participants, and empowered independent learners.

Our Families work closely with credentialed teachers to provide the best instructional practices for their children.  Together, they review student assessment results and collaborate on a course of study that engages students and achieves grade level standards.

Our Community of stakeholders are clearly involved and invested in support of the collaborative programs to provide the best practices to ensure the success of each student.  The strong connections and communication amongst the authorizers and the community foster a strong foundation for which our programs are built.

Our Core Values


Sustainable Quality - Our chartered programs have the flexibility to create customizable learning for any student, no matter their past experience in traditional education, with a strong foundation of award winning educator experience

Individualized Learning - Students of all backgrounds find themselves learning like never before as they are supported and guided by our education expertise to find the best program for their needs and goals

Integrity - Founded by educators, our programs are held to the highest standards of financial and curriculum excellence so that students thrive

Innovation for Every Student - The uniqueness of every student is matched by our diverse array of programs that are always innovating and pushing forward for the betterment of student learning

Collaborative Partners - We strengthen relationships between families, programs, authorizers, and the community to create a learning environment that supports everyone