A Positive Learning Environment

My daughter recently graduated from County Collaborative Charter School. I can't praise the program and teachers enough. Without this program I doubt she would have graduated on time. They worked with us and created a positive learning environment. The teacher she worked with was wonderful. He was knowledgeable, dedicated and totally committed to his students. The graduation ceremony was first-rate and very moving. I highly recommend County Collaborative Charter School.

~Carolyn B, County Collaborative Charter School Parent

Flexible Platform

"County Collaborative Charter School has been the best fit for our youngest daughter who is 16 and about to start her Junior year. She's been at County Collaborative for two years now. She is a very independent person who is incredibly self driven. This platform has been the perfect fit for her to be successful without all the distractions of a traditional setting. She has come so far working one on one with the teachers at County Collaborative. Being able to meet with them as needed at our local library or coffee shops is awesome! Because of the flexibility of the teachers and school we as her parents don't have to worry about her falling behind anymore due to not enough teacher per ratio of students as we found in the traditional public settings she was in before. In fact, since this program allows students to work at their own pace she is ahead of where she'd be if still in a traditional program which is VERY exciting for us all! I personally can not say enough about how wonderful the experience here has been for our family. Another great perk is that our daughter is able to plan her time wisely between school, her job and visiting family in another state. Since she is able to do her school work anywhere there is internet it has allowed her to be in another state to visit family during the school year without falling behind. She loves that since we don't live near them and when attending the traditional programs she could only visit during breaks and summer. The freedom it has given her and us is a huge plus! Thank you County Collaborative, you all ROCK!

~Carrie C, County Collaborative Charter School Parent

Incredible Teachers

Since joining the charter school program it's helped me so much to be more grounded with my work and to really focus.  What helped me the most is getting an incredible teacher that really helps you with your work and takes time out of their day to make sure you're staying on track and really shows that they care. They don't give up on you and strive for all their students to do well.  I've had some bad days but I never let it get the best of me and being surrounded by a lot of uplifting spirits helps and makes you want to keep focused on being in school. I'm really happy I joined the program it has helped me a lot. 

~Tristina M, age 18, 12th Grade County Collaborative Charter School Student

Grateful for My Time at County Collaborative Charter School

My name is Tamir and I just graduated from County Collaborative. County Collaborative is a school that you can be taught one on one with great teachers. This is perfect because you can have a flexible schedule and you work at your own pace. The staff and teachers really care about you and help you with other things too like applying to college, jobs, internships and they give you bus passes and free memberships to the YMCA. I am grateful for my time at County Collaborative and you will be too. 

~Tamir H, age 18, 12th grade County Collaborative Charter School Student

Encouragement Along the Way

I would just like to say that since you have been on board, our daughter has improved in academics immensely!! She is excited about finishing each unit. Further, we all appreciate the motivational texts we receive almost daily about her accomplishments! 

~Brandy, County Collaborative Charter School Parent

Flexibility & Support

As a young father this school has really benefited my family by giving me the time I need to work on one class at a time.  I am more free and able to do things I don't have time in a regular school to do like take care of my baby, work and be on a soccer team. Also, the school helps me catch up on my credits to graduate high school faster which really helps me be there for my baby. I would recommend County Collaborative Charter School to anyone.

~Rene E, Grade 11, County Collaborative Charter School Student

Work at Your Own Pace

County Collaborative Charter School provides a flexible work at your own pace schedule that helps young adults who would not otherwise graduate and gives them other alternatives to acquire their high school diploma. The teachers are always eager to help and provide assistance and resources at all times to help students be successful.

~Deanna C, County Collaborative Charter School Parent

The Answer We Were Looking For

County Collaborative Charter School was the answer we were looking for!  Being a teen is not easy and struggling through day to day classes with all the other pressures of fitting in caused my son to fall greatly behind, not wanting to even go to school.  If it hadn't had been for County Collaborative Charter School I'm not sure where we would be. The structure and the style allowed my son to work at his own pace, at his own time and focus without all the distractions of traditional school.  The staff encouraged him to meet his goals and supported him along the way. In less than one year, he caught up two years of being behind. He has an entirely different perspective and a whole new focus. We are proud to say that he has made the choice and is excited about going back to his original school in the Fall, to graduate and continue on to college!  Thank you County Collaborative Charter School !

~County Collaborative Charter School Parent