E = ENRICHMENT to add valuable and significant experiences to students

sport coach instructing student with a football

Many students at County Collaborative Charter School seek more time for their passion as they pursue their dream of being a world class athlete, renowned artist, successful entrepreneur, or community leader. The flexibility in time management that County Collaborative allows insures that each student can maximize the resources and opportunities available in all aspects of their life.

Independent study gives you the flexibility to choose how you use your time - for school, for family, and for fun

benefits of Enrichment Opportunities at County Collaborative: 

  • Allow for increased time to pursue your passion
  • More time to train for individual Olympic sports like archery, cycling, equestrian, fencing, gymnastics, golf, judo, karate, tennis, skating, swimming
  • More time to train for team sports like baseball, cricket, basketball, football, futbol hockey, rugby, volleyball
  • More time for specialized training in dance, music and theatre
  • Pursuing an active outdoor life in the great weather of Southern California - boating, hiking, surfing, skateboarding,, mountain climbing
  • Opportunity for more intensive exploration of things that interest you
  • Get an internship or apprenticeship during the work day in a field that interests you - in field like construction, electrician, engineering, sports management and entertainment
  • Allow for work opportunities that may not fit into a traditional school schedule
  • You can be available to employers for a wider range of work schedules


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