BOARD of directors

County Collaborative Charter School is served by the County Collaborative Governing Board. The five members of the County Board have more than 120 years of diverse experience in public education. The board provides perspective, insight, input and guidance to insure that all students and stakeholders have access to the highest quality public education. The board meets monthly at regularly scheduled times.  

Our Board Members

William Hall, President

I have worked in education for the past 46 years as teacher, counselor, principal and consultant. I am also a certified core adjunct faculty member at National University, working with aspiring teachers, administrators and counselors. I enjoy serving as a board member of Couunty Collaborative Charter School. Doing so affords me, as well as all board members, an opportunity to affect policies, procedures, and programs that have a direct, positive impact upon students.


Steve Fraire, Clerk

I have been a career educator for over 38 years beginning in the bay area as a Principal, Assistant Principal, Director of Student Activities, SARB/Truancy Intervention Coordinator, Special Education and Juvenile Court School teacher and then with the San Diego County Office of Education as Coordinator of Child Welfare, Attendance, and School Safety. I currently serve on the California Department of Education School Attendance Review Board and Southern California Charter School Boards. I have been Past President of the Southern Section California Association Coordinators of Child Welfare and Attendance and the Marin County Juvenile Justice Commission. I have been awarded Marin County Educator of the Year and have received a State Assembly Resolution for Dedication to Education and Marin County Board of Supervisors Resolution of Commendation for Service to the Educational Community.


Michael Humphrey, Vice President

My career started in education as a result of a startling realization, while working in juvenile probation, that there must be a way to have a positive impact on children so they might avoid the pitfalls of what I saw them experiencing in this early career work. I developed a vision and a dream that things could be better. Elementary education was a bright path to that end. 45 years later after having been an elementary school teacher, a special educator, a public elementary and private junior high principal, a college professor in my field of psychology and now an active board member on the County Collaborative Charter School has given me a rare opportunity to see that dream realized. County Collaborative Charter School board membership is an extension of that dream and I am so grateful that it continues to this day and hopefully will as long as I am able to help. I am convinced that we do noble work together.


Peter Matz, Board Member

I have been in education for over 35 years working as a Supervising Head Teacher, a Resource Specialist, Assistant Principal and as an elementary school Principal, retiring in 2010. I attended Western Michigan University where I earned a B.A. in Education as well as a Masters in School Psychology.

Larry Alvarado, Board Member
My experience in the field of education is as follows: National University, 2010 to present, Adjunct Professor Dept of Special Education. University of San Diego, 2006 to 2014, Adjunct Professor Dept of Special Education. Chula Vista Elementary School District , 1991 to Dec. 2010 ,Chula Vista, California Position:  Principal   (retired) Chula Vista Elementary School District,  March, 1990 to July 1991, Chula Vista, California Program Specialist. San Ysidro School District,  September, 1984 to March, 1990 San Ysidro, California Director Special Services. National School District, September, 1979 to June, 1984, National City, California Resource Specialist.  Home of Guiding Hands, Summer 1978 and 1979, Lakeside, California Special Education Teacher. I have joined the County Collaborative Charter School as a member of their Board to support their efforts in providing a high quality educational experience for the students who have enrolled in this program. I have seen first hand the dedication of the staff for the students in the program. I wanted to be a part of a Charter School Board that puts students first. It has been my pleasure working with my fellow Board Members and the Leadership Team of the Collaborative.

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